Saturday, October 07, 2006

What to Buy at Pengerang (1): Local Made Pastry

If you are looking for some 'real' local products, this is the place. This pastry shop has been there since i was a kid. It is runs by a family and the bussiness been past down from one generation to the next.
This shop is situated at the row of shop houses near to taxi station. You are not likely to miss it!

You can find many kind of traditional Chinese pastry here. However, nowsaday, mostly are 'imported' from the other state or district. The only real local produced and local famous pastry is "Lao3 Po2 Bing3" (direct translation to English would be "Wife Pastry").

Making of "Lao Po Bing" on the spot.
We used to call it "tua bia" (Hokkien) or "Big Pastry" in English. The size of the pastry used to be around 15-20cm. However, it has shrinked to slightly around 10+cm now. May be that is why they called it "Lao Po Bing" now.
The pastry tastes sweet, mainly making from flour and sugar. i am not sure about the oil they used, but i assumed it to be vegetable oil (it just doesn't make much sense to use lark to make this kind of pastry).
One piece is RM 1.50.
That is how a Lao Po Bing looks like.
Remember, only this is local made!
All other kinds of 'imported' pastry and cracker.
My brother-in-law like the chestnut pastry. However you might be able to get it some where else too.


竜: 还好吗? said...

everyear i went back, is a must i buy something from this shop ^^

shenjiaqing said...

But, the pastry is getting smaller every year and not longer taste as good as what was in my memories anymore.