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This is the hotel or guest house that my family will book if we have friends or relatives come and couldn't occupy all in our house.
It is situated right in front of the taxi station. The hotel is apartment like. You may choose to rent the whole unit with 4 rooms at around RM 200 per night (if i am not mistaken) or just a room at around RM 50 or 60.
The apartment or room is clean, with kitchen, TV and air-con.

The receiption of the hotel is at the grocery shop beside of this beauty salon.

The owner of this grocery shop used to work in the grocery shop of the owner of hotel. Eventually he opens his own grocery shop but continues to work for his previous employer by taking care of his hotel business.

By the way, if you are looking for some inexpensive and reliable facial or others, this beauty salon is quite a good choice. The owner is a local used to work in Johor Bahru but she came back and opened her own shop when she got married. She has a diploma in beauty kind of thing (couldn't remember what is the name already).

i got this news when i went back during Chinese New Year 2007.

Avoid Tai Hoe Hotel right opposite to the bus/taxi station. The owner was caught and under bail for getting her Indonesia "maids" to provide "special service" in her hotel.


20th ODAC Instructors said...

Hi jiaqing! I am desmond. My group of friends and i came across your blog when we were searching for stuff to do in pengerang. I was very excited when i saw all the pictures of the marine life that you took! we will be visiting pengerang this weekend 14-15 Oct and i was wondering whether you will be home to give us a tour. =) also i would like to find out more on being a volunteer for Chek Jawa etc. Hope to hear from you asap! haha


shenjiaqing said...

Hi! Desmond,
Glad that you are visiting to my hometown.But unfortunately, i will be away to KL on this weekend, or else i will be more than happy to be your volunteer guide. :(
Look for here for information to become a volunteer guide at Check Jawa.
Hopefully one day, i can see you at CJ!

20th ODAC Instructors said...

Hey, hmm. no problem! guess we have to find our own way around. Thanks!


aiyu said...

Hello, i would like to organise a trip there for seafood lunch. Do u think you can provide some guide on how to get there? after taking the ferry, will there be cabs waiting there? how much will it cost to take cab to Pengerang? i noe that people take cab to cycle to Pengerang. How much will it cost to take cab bicyle rental place? if we would like to cycle, would u advice for someone who have not been there to cycle there? is the town very big? How do we find out place? would appreciate your help.


shenjiaqing said...

The local famous seafood reataurant are:
1. Fei3 Cui4 Seafood Restaurant - The town is small, there are basically only 2 cross junctions as the center of the town. The first junction is the taxi/ bus station. Walk straight towards the second cross junction until you see the restaurant at your left.
2. Si4 Wan1 Dao3 Seafood Restaurant - This is consider as further from the town center (5-10 minutes walk from the town center). When you arrive at the second cross junction, turn left and follow to the main road until you see the restaurant at your right.

If somehow you get lost, just ask the local shop owner. Everyone will know and will be happy to tell you the way.

If you are setting off from Changi, then you will be taking bump boat instead of ferry. There are cab waiting there, tell them that you wanted to go to Si4 Wan1 (or Sungai Rengit), the fare is standard RM 18 for aircon taxi and RM 16 for non-aircon.
The journey to the town takes around 25-35 minutes.
As for the bicycle rental, i am sorry that i have no idea (local don't do this -- to cycle all the way from the town to the jetty or vice versa. It takes probably 2 to 3 hours :)
There are places to rent bicyle in the town, Sungai Rengit. (They have signboard in Chinese or you can just ask any grocery shop owner.)
If you are going to cycle, then you probably will cycle at the main road. Stick to the left because the traffic can be 'heavy' during weekend. Avoid places without well paved road. i saw people fall at the more kampung area of the town.
If you don't have your own transport in the town, then i would say cycling around is the best way to explore from one village to another.


Ziz said...

Hello Jiaqing!

I'm really keen on the seafood there in Pengerang. Are there any halal certified ones there?

shenjiaqing said...

Hi! Ziz,

i seriously don't know which and where are the 'nice' Malay halal seafood restaurant.
But if you are not that strict, Fei3 Cui4 Seafood Restaurant don't serve pork and lard.
i do see some Muslim eating there.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jiaqing,

Thanks for your highly informative blog on Pengerang. : )
I hope to visit Pengerang soon.


shenjiaqing said...

Oh, i actually hope i can update more about the marine life or the shore at Pengerang.
But i haven't bought a replacement for my lost camera (soon...) and whenever i get back home, it is always high tide.

k said...


can i have the phone no. and name of the hotel @ sungei rengit? i cant see clearly from your photo. would like to book an overnight for coming good friday 6th apr. hope still got vacancy...


shenjiaqing said...

Hi! K,

i don't have the phone number.
i will check it out to see whether my sis got the number then.
However i am going back home on both end of this month.
If it is still not too late for you, then i will get their phone number.

k said...

thanks, let me know what you can, name of hotel? by the way, how much is the room?

shenjiaqing said...

Hi! K,

i don't remember the name of the hotel, we local just call it by the name of the owner. :)
The hotel is right opposite to the Taxi station, beside of a beuty salon and above the only bakery shop,Hawaii , in the town.
Room rate should be around RM 60 per night but might be inflacted during public holiday.
i will ask and get the contact of the hotel by end of this month when i got back home.

k said...

What date?
So I can check this blog again then :)

shenjiaqing said...

Hi! K,

i will go back on 31 March(Sat) and return to Singapore on 1 Apr (Sunday).
i should be able to update the hotel number on Monday (2 Apr).
Hope it is not too late then.
Best luck!

Henry Leong said...

I like to come to M'sia food, M'sia had a wide varieties of cheap and tasty food-Henry

shenjiaqing said...

Hi! K,

As promised.

Name: Rumah Tumpangan (Hotel) Tenggara
If you read Chinese, Dong1 Nan2 Lu3 Dian4.
(Hotel South East)

Contact person: Ah Shun4
Tel: 016-7009391

According to him, most of the rooms have been rented for long term stay.
You can try your luck then.

If you really can't get a room, take an earlier boat to the town and try to ask around.
There are easily more than 10 hotels in the town and the whole area can be reached by foot.

i will go back home again during the long weekend too.
i am going to the shore, so if you want to follow me to the shore, then just drop me a message.

Anonymous said...

goodluck seafood restaurant is good too! i heard its one of the cheaper ones..not sure if its true..haha..

shenjiaqing said...

Oh, yes.
One of the local favourite too, but i am not sure whether it is cheaper than the others.

"Si Wan Good Luck Seafood Restaurant", not sure whether the English name is correct.
But the Chinese name is 四弯岛幸运海鲜楼。

See my simple map for direction. It is around ten minutes walking distance from Taxi Station. In the map, i named it as "Si Wan Seafood Restaurant".

k said...


thanks for the hotel contact. will try next trip.

can local good massage?

after cycling so many kms.. that will be a good treat.


shenjiaqing said...

Hi! K,

There is no massage palour in the town. But if i remember correctly, the beauty saloon right opposite to the taxi station and beside of Hawaii Bakery shop does offer massage service.
However it tends to be very crowded during weekend.

abd razak said...

hi jiaqing,

suddenly i found this blog while i were searching any related writing about pengerang. i'm very glad with what you are doing. i actually from sungai kapal. i left my kampung in 1977 to further my study in jb. now i'm working in bangi. only sometimes i comeback to my kampung because that is my land. i hope one day we will meet in sungai rengit.


ML said...

Hi Jia Qing,

Been to Pengerang for seafood, but din know that there are nice marine life there.

Might be going there again soon. Would you be able to provide details on how I can visit the marine area?

Thanks. Planning a 2D1N trip with some frens :) Have a good year ahead!!

shenjiaqing said...


Happy new year to you too.
If you are staying at Sungai Rengit, then just go behind Yok Poon School, there is a green field in front of the school.
There is a tar path between the school and the small local clinic. The path will lead you to the shore behind of the school.

Anonymous said...

[... ] is other interesting source of tips on this issue[...]

Sammy said...

Hi JiaQing, I want to go over pengerang over this weekend. may i know how is the hotel rates like over there?

shenjiaqing said...

Hi Saamy

Please see this post here.

But this is the rate for year 2008.

Carl Nunes said...
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Carl Nunes said...

Hi Shenjiaqing,

Planning to explore Penggerang and Sungi Ringit for a few days can you possiblly email me a map of your lovely little town with all the sights and good hotels. Will be going there with my wife next month on Chinese New Year to enjoy the fireworks. Thanks a lot.

7:30 PM

Carl Nunes said...

Will be going there from Changi Point Ferry Terminal. Any tips for us ? Thanks a lot.

Carl Nunes said...
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shenjiaqing said...

Replied through email also.

Hi Carl

You can download the sight of interest maps from this post:
or a simple townmap of Sungai Rengit.
See end of this post for the up to date phone numbers of the Sungai Rengit hotels.

For the access from Tanjung Pengelih, you can see this post.
The price is likely to be higher than mentioned though.
Chinese New Year is a busy period. Do book your accommodation in advanced!

Have a good trip.