Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Leisure Pengerang (3): Ostrich Farm

i hadn't been home for the past two months. Partly was due to my frequent oversea trip and the other reason was i lost my passport. :( So i was trapped in Singapore for one month while waiting for my new passport to be done. Fortunately things went out smoothly and i managed to get my new passport.
This time in August, i went back with two of my friends. i am glad that i brought them with me, as they let me see the other perspective of 'going back home' and highlighted something in my hometown that i have never appreciated at much.
However it was high tide with very strong wind when we was at the shore. So we did not walk at the beach.
There is an Ostrich Farm just some where near to the town. We did not go there but a few of my ex-colleauges went there last month. They were kind enough to share some of their pictures in the farm with me.

Nursery of the baby ostrich.

Unfortunately, their ultimate path of the ostriches are being one of the source of food.

Feeding corns to the ostrich.

You can have an ostrich ride if you wanted to.

You are allowed to stand on the huge ostrich egg too. The egg has very hard and thick shell.

As far as i can remember, you need to pay either RM 5 or RM2 as entrance fees to the farm. However my friend said they paid for RM 6 or RM8 for entrance and tour. i am not very sure about this, may be they have local and tourist rate. :P