Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Access to Pengerang (3): Via Tanjung Pengelih Jetty

I last went back home probably by April 2008, i returned home again on Xmas 2009. Many changes in the town since then. Even the jetty, the boat fees and the taxi fees are different now.

The new immigration complex is completed with modern male and female toilet. There is a room marking as nursing room as well, but unfortunately, it is used as the cleaner room instead.
There are proper seats for passengers waiting for the boat too.

The jetty to alight and board from the board is decorated and have a floating platform now. It seems like safer.

The marina is totally new. It wasn't there at the old jetty last time.
The speed boats, the new boat services, are anchored here.

To go back to Singapore, submit your passport at the first counter. The boat man will keep the passport for a while and when they collected enough passport, they will call you to collect your passport and every passenger will ask to queue up to pass through the immigration together.
The bumb boat leaves when there are 12 passengers, sometimes they ask you to top up the fare so that the boat can leave earlier. Eg. The current boat fee is RM 15 per person if there are 12 passengers. If they are only 10 passengers, the boat man will ask everyone whether they are willing to pay RM 3 in extra, which is RM 18 per person, so that the boat can leave without waiting for another 2 more passengers.
There are at least one boat leaving from Singapore/Tanjung Pengelih to Tanjung Pengelih/Singapore at 7am and 1pm. The boat fee from Singapore is SGD 8 per person and from Tanjung Pengelih is RM 15. But the fees from Tanjung Pengelih will become SGD 8 after 1pm. It means, the boat man will ask for Singapore dollars after 1pm.
The taxi fees from Sungai Rengit to Tanjung Pengelih is RM 20 per taxi or RM 5 per person. The taxi will move only when there are 4 passengers, or else you have to 'top up' the fare (包车).

This is the new office for the speed boat services from Tanjung Pengelih to Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal, Singapore. They have a fixed schedule but the fare is rather expensive. My friend said, it takes only 20 minutes to arrive in Singapore.

The schedule and price of the speedboat.
It is a good option if you don't mind to pay.