Sunday, May 07, 2006

Other than Shore (2): The Guan Yin Temple

You won't miss this temple between Sungai Rengit and Sungi Buntu, if you are coming or going to Tanjung Pengelih Jetty. It is right beside of the big corner of the road. It used to be a small and 'plain' temple. But as many other temples in Pengerang, it got renovated in the good will of some devotees and now it is still small but eye catching - too colourful if you ask me.

The Guan Yin temple is built facing to the sea. Like usual, the fishermen hope the protection from the Goddess and wish for a good catch. Every 3 years, there will be celebration which devotees escort Mazhu Goddess in Sungai Rengit to this temple. It is a big celebration and festival for a small town like this. The next celebration is 23th March of lunar calender in year 2007.

Dragon is an auspicious animal in Chinese belief. Although Guan Yin is a Buddhist Boddhisattva, but this temple is a typical mixtual of Buddhist belief and Taoist. In fact, the temple is very much Taoist as you actually see many other deities and a stove to burn paper money. (Buddhist temple don't burn paper money.)

The lion symbolized lion's roar, the authorative of the teaching .

Two buddhist's dhamma guardians, Skanda Bodhisattva (looks younger) and Sangharama Boddisattva (the elder one) , are found on the left and right of Guan Yin statue.

The stove to burn paper money.