Thursday, November 08, 2012

Maps for Sights Seeing and Hotels

From time to time, people asked me about what to see in Pengerang. I hope these few maps and hotel numbers here will be helpful to those who are going for a visit. 
(These maps and phone numbers are the courtesy of Pengerang Frontline and Kampungku Suaraku of Facebook.)

May be you can find the location of some temples at google map. (Link above.)
I personally think this map is very well done! Detailed and helpful description for your visit.

This is the area before Desaru Beach. I knew some of my friends from Singapore went to Sedili for home stay, retreat or to observe the nature habitat there.

This is for Desaru area. Bandar Penawar is the biggest town at this area. You will pass by here before Sungai Rengit. The sandy beach is a real treat for children. The wave is always a bit too strong from time to time though. I had never been to the museum, i hope i can drop by a visit some day.

This area is where people think of when you said Pengerang. The whole place will be gone and affected by the up coming petrochemical project (RAPID). There are land reclamation activities going on now, so if you are the first timer, you had missed the beauty of the place. Pengerang was a very calm and pretty escape just year before. (Click the Save Pengerang at the side bar to see the villagers efforts to save their homes and please supports if you can.)

This map is a bit blur, but gave the general ideas of the location of places to visit and some useful phone numbers.

边佳兰位于哥打丁宜县,由多个村庄组合而成,包括头湾(Kampung Jawa)、二湾(Teluk Empang)、三湾(Sungai Buntu)、四湾(Sungai Rengit)、五湾(Teluk Ramunia)、六湾(Tanjung Sepang)和七湾(Kampung Punggai),柔州最著名的海滨旅游度假区迪沙鲁和边佳兰靠得最近。

头湾处,有个连接马新两地国民的重点码头,叫做丹绒本哥利渡轮码头(Tanjung Pengelih),它与新加坡樟宜尾码头连线,供输送两地游客的小型渡轮靠岸,船程耗时不及半句钟。


二湾和三湾是小村庄,椰树和橡胶树肆意生长的基地;而六湾和七湾则是边佳兰度假村的集中营,这一带较著名的度假屋有Batu Layar度假村、D Punggai度假屋、Punggai Bayu度假村、Sepang Indah度假村、Sea View度假村、Titian Indah度假屋、Ramunia Sun Rising度假村、渔夫度假村等。









Phone numbers of the hotels in Sungai Rengit (no preference):

新兴 (Xing Xing): 07-8263254 -- Cellular Phone: 016-7806749
力成 (Lek Cheng):07-8263292 
-- Cellular Phone: 019-7222991
成发 (Cheng Fa): 07-8263830
新海湾 (Xing Hai Wan): 07-8263240
协和 (Xie He): 07-8263111
米店 (Rice Shop): 07-8263225
大和 (Tai Hoe): 07-8263855

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Where it used to be the shore, behind of Yok Poon Primary School

Moaning for the Lost

It was really heart broken to me to see my favorite shore in Pengerang get into this kind of state. If you browse through my very early posts about Shore behind of Yok Poon Primary School, then you will see what kind of beautiful creatures used to live there and the beautiful shore line. All these are gone now, i dont know what to say except for it is really really sad. 
(Pictures of nowadays taken by Yan Ah Kow, retrieved from facebook. Year 2012
Pictures before taken by me in Year 2008.)

1.) Where it used to be the habitat of thousands sand bubble crabs and fiddle crabs.

A reclaimed trail covered the original beautiful sand bar. How ugly, how sad.

2.) The rocky shore where i used to find anemone, shrimps and where we used to harvest clams.

Partially destroyed by the land reclamation. Are they going to turn the rocky shore into a piece of flat land?

3.) The beautiful small island which is accesible during low tide was a lively habitat full with black sea cucumbers, mudskippers and not to mentioned all kind of sea snails.

Are those cute little animals still around? i wonder what was in the mind of those workers who carried out the task of destroying such beauty.

4.) When you look from the small island towards the inner land, you used to see the coast side by side with the school.

Try to do the same thing now, you will see machines and man made land. What had we lost forever?

A video i took in year 2008, which you can see the beautiful untouched coastal line.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Leisure Pengerang (4): A Zen Temple, Teluk Ramunia

The departure to go back home for this time was an unexpected and sad one. We were there to attend to the funeral of my grandma. Little did i expect that, she would be gone so fast. Eventhough her health was deterioting, but i thought she would be like my late grandfather. He hang on and was bed ladden for the later years, all together for 7 years at least. My mother said, grandma used to say, she would not want to be the burden of anyone and in fact, she did not become such. The last time i saw her, she said, i wont be able to see her for the last time, since i am so far away. i told her, then, at least i will come back to send you for your last journey. i cant control of been married far, but at least i made it to see her for the one last time, eventhough that was just her body.

Funeral is perhaps the only time that one could really see all the relatives, both close and distant one. I was happpy to see all my cousins, now all of them grown up and a man. I caught up with my family and we talked about also the future of our hometown. This piece of land where my uncles and aunties, some of my cousins and all my siblings grown up is now under the threat of been developed into a petrochemical industrial park.

One of the disappearing kampung, Langkah Baik or tou2 wan1. There is only one main street in the village and the whole village is just right beside of the shore. One oil rig is so near to the village that, you think you should be able to swim there.

The billions worth of project affected several kampung (villages) and whether like it or not, the project or land clearing are already started. I am sure this means 'development' and money to the decision makers (ordinary citizen like us won't know who are they though), who dont even know this place or come here before. Unfortunately, for those really get affected, those who are really staying here, it means the lost of HOME. Place where our ancestors came and made it into a home, place where a few generations of people tight our hearts. If you asked me, i personally would prefer my kampung to stay the way it is, many of the people think as me too. There are many groups of villagers fighting this big wave of change with their small voices, you can find them at facebook. Here are a few:

停止工程,保留我们的家园-边加兰 Selamatkan Bumi Pengerang ---

KampungKu SuaraKu 我的甘榜 由我做主 -----

If you want news about Pengerang, including events going on and all kind of other information, you could look for it here: 边佳兰前线 Pengerang Frontline ----
You probably can ask the creater of the group too. He is still staying in Sungai Rengit.

Except for seafood, Pengerang produced talents too! This is proudly done by the son of my neighbour.

You can read about the trip of Mediacorp artist, Zheng Bin Hui here:边加兰之旅

Now, let`s talk about the temple. To access, you can take the massive red soil road at the left, after the `T`junction of Kota Tinggi highway, then turn into the small road at the right. It is easier to take the small one vehicle-pass-only road before the left turn to the lastest housing estate in Teluk Ramunia (i don`t remember the name of the Taman). You will be able to see the Guan Yin statues if you keep looking at the left, when you drive from Sungai Rengit. 

I do not remember when was the last time i came here. i remember washing the pool with my friends though. This pond and the statues are there since i was in primary school. But now, it is more colorful.

i heard that, the whole temple got rebuilt due to termites infestation. It looked even bigger and nicer than 20 years ago. The temple used to be surrounded by the bushes, but now a housing estate is built near by.

The Buddha statue under the bodhi tree is something new to me. i like it. Somehow, it reminded me of the one i saw at Sarna, near the Deer Park in India.