Friday, November 01, 2013

Sungai Rengit: What and where to Eat. Yummy!

Today is Halloween. In my own culture, it is never part of our 'habit' to celebrate this event. But in my adopted country, this is big! The children are looking forward for "trick or treat" in their disguises. Houses are well decorated with pumpkins, scared crows and some other scary things such as wicked face of a witch, ghost, skull... It becomes part of my activities with my children, to curve the pumpkins into the Jack O lanterns. Right now, it is raining heavily here. Ironically, this is the warmest weather for this whole week, at around 17 deg C. It had been a cold week at 4-7 deg C and temperature dropped to under 0 at night. Not a best day to go out for candies, but hopefully the rain will subside in the later evening.
These few days, i had been missing home (my homeland) terribly. Can't wait to go back and tuck in to those food which i ate growing up. So, i would share about food here today! Yum yum... I am a vegetarian now, so i don't really eat those things back home anymore. I feel hesitate to kind of "promote" eating seafood at my blog, but unfortunately, this is a big part of what my hometown is about. 

Pictures are taken from either facebook or this blog:

This is a simple map from Johor Kaki blog about the location of the major seafood restaurant in Sungai Rengit. My family personally prefer Sungai Rengit (Si Wan as above) Seafood Restaurant, but the restaurant was caught on fire one month ago. Probably had been rebuilt by now. If you come from the direction of Kota Tinggi and choose to drive through the town instead of choosing the fork road goes by the sea, then Si Wan is the first seafood restaurant you would see at the left.

This is kind of the more popular tourist restaurant as it had won the Singaporean TV program as one of the best restaurant in Johor. It is kind of popular to the local too, as they don't serve pork here. So if you have an Indonesian muslim maid, you probably will choose to eat here. I personally think their service is the worst during the weekend, when the restaurant is jam packed with all the tourists. I would go next door.

The restaurant at the right of the picture, Sin Kong, is just right in front of Jade Garden. The last time i heard someone talked about here was from my sister. She went for a take away of some kind of seafood noodle and my mom said, she had been charged with a 'tourist rate'. I am not sure what does it means. 
I knew nothing much about the restaurant at the left of the picture, Hyann. It had been changing name a lot since my childhood. But the small shop beside of this restaurant is selling ais kacang 红豆冰 by the same owner since i was in primary school. Go for the ais kacang!

At the left, Super Lobster, i would say this is the newest restaurant of all. Again, i don't know a clue about this restaurant. 
At the right, You Kee, just right beside of Jade Garden, have been there since my primary school year. I still remember went there to eat with my teachers and classmates after some kind of school activities. It was a rewards from the school to us.

If you are not the fan of seafood like me, there are something even vegan can eat as well! They are way cheaper, authentically local and they taste great!

This picture was took by Joane Yeo, i took it from her facebook. According to her, these ota 乌打 were good. You can buy it just right at the walk path of the photo shop, opposite to the taxi station of Sungai Rengit. (顺顺乌打,四湾美美相馆店外面在卖)

So, this is what i mean by saying that, even vegan can eat: soy milk 豆奶 and bean curbs 豆花. The black thing, i think is black glutinous rice 黑糯米, which you eat with coconut milk 椰奶. The other picture is the deep fried prawn cake 炸虾饼. The owner of the stall was selling it for as long as i can remember. After he passed away, his son-in-law took over the cart to continue the business. Try to find the cart just some where by the road. In my memory, it moves around! (Picture from Sons of the Sea facebook page.)

 The two dishes above, i ate them as breakfast throughout my childhood. The below is wanton noodle 云吞面 and the above is "pig intestine roll" 猪肠粉. The "pig intestine roll" is basically make with flour, with pork and prawn inside the roll, steamed. You could order just the roll, without the meat inside as well, which make it vegan! Serve with diluted soy sauce and chili. The shop used to be beside of Tai Hoe hotel or Am Bank, right across the Sungai Rengit taxi station. But i sister told me that, it had moved to the same row of shop houses with the ais kacang shop. (Picture from Sons of the Sea facebook page.)

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Looking back, History of Pengerang

So, the 13th general election of Malaysia had passed. The same government who had ruled us for 56 years, once again, won. (Let's just not talk again the legitimate of the whole election process here, i don't mean to talk about politic.) This same government who introduced the same petrochemical project to Pengerang, won over two third majority in the state government, while in the federal level, lost the two third majority. Nonetheless, undoubtly, this local residents hated project would proceed. For some of us, the fight to save our hometown continues.

From the Taiwanese TV programme: Our Island - Angry Lobster first and second episode

我們的島 - 憤怒龍蝦()(

Photos below were taken from Darren Chu's FB.
Text below is from Sin Chew Jit Poh.

时代变迁新旧交替 边佳兰变化大

    边佳兰区内,主要分成了丹绒本格烈(Tanjung Pengelih)、边佳兰镇(Pekan Pengerang)、头湾(Kampung Jawa)、二湾(Teluk Empang)、大湾(Sungai Kapal)、三湾(Sungai Buntu)、四湾(Sungai Rengit)、五湾(Teluk Ramunia)、六湾(Tanjung Sepang)和七湾(Pungai)。当中最让人知晓的,就是四湾岛了。


The sunset from the fishermen's wharf of Kampung Jawa. (By Karen Hong) 头湾版的渔人码头的夕阳。


沈丽华:感谢借宿一晚 当年柔苏丹赐地爷爷



The vegetable plot right beside of a house. The vegetable is for own consumption and to sell to the vegetable hawker and local grocery shop. (Photo by Sim Li Li) 四湾居民住家旁的小菜圃。住家菜,不放农药。有多余的就卖给街上的店或是巴刹的小贩。



    边佳兰的四湾,共有3条道路以当地领袖名字命名,分别是Jln Hee SengJln Koon TeckJln Abu Bakar
    星洲日报驻边佳兰通讯员颜英杰指出,“jln Hee Seng”,是以四湾新村于19811992年的村长刘熙成的名字命名;“Jln Koon Teck”,则是19701975年地方议会主席沈坤德的名字命名;“Jln Abu Bakar',则是一名边佳兰的巫裔太平局绅阿布峇卡。


Big incense sticks during temple festival. 作酬神戏时都有点的大香。


77岁在码头谋生 王可传:现今生活改善了

Sunset at Sungai Rengit Hawker Centre (Medan Selera Sungai Rengit). 四湾小贩中心处所看到的夕阳。


夏恭廉:当年仅沿海有人住 边佳兰狮城交往频密



The main street of Kampung Jawa. 大湾的大街。老人,老街。


颜英杰:早期道路发展不完善 72公里路骑8小时摩哆



View from Desaru Bridge. 拍自迪沙鲁大桥。



A Bit of the Chinese Residents' History From Studying the Old Tombs at Different Cementries:

Night view of beach at Sungai Rengit. 月亮圆,四湾海滩的夜景。




Saturday, January 19, 2013

This is extracted from China Press after Pengerang became a national attention due to protest over the petrochemical project. Many medias made visit to Pengerang since then, including some from Taiwan.

Pengerang, Quiet no more

A simple small town, famous with seafood, Pengerang is changing its face.
Located at the north east of Johor state, currently undergoing massive land reclamation to make place for the petrochemical project RAPID, it is losing its peace as just a tranquil fishing town.
Generations of villagers saw the sea right in front of their houses been replaced with land, many houses, schools, temples and grave yards of the ancesters are all going to be destroyed. Thousands of fishermen are affected, traditional fishing households are facing the difficulties in lives, losing their income. This so called development bring nothing to the local people but sadness and damnation.



Peaceful and quiet, but won't be anymore.

The traditional chinese pastry. This shop has been there since i have memory.

What else other than to mend their net if the fisherman couldn't go to the sea? Or worst more, there is no more sea with fishes.

The fisherman jetty at Sungai Rengit.

The coconut trees used to be abundance in my childhood, now we see this only at the more inner areas of the villages. But soon, wont even see this anymore.

This tailor shop is there since i have memory as well.

Part of the Sungai Rengit town from the bird view. Sungai Rengit town center will be spared from destruction, to keep it as a supply town to the petrochemical plant, around 5km from here, if no nearer.