Thursday, July 29, 2010

Places for Activities

Desaru Beach

i personally have strong affection to Desaru Beach. When we were young, it was the greatest day outing we could get with family. It was only feasible during time when aunties or uncles came back, as we did not have car. I have good memories in this place and when possible, i always wanted to visit here.
Desaru is around 30km from Sungai Rengit.

A Chinese newspaper, Guang Ming Jit Poh (光明日報) mentioned about Desaru as a place for family outing. (16th May 2012)


Desaru used to be a very popular weekend escape for residents of Singapore. They come to enjoy the attractive 25 km stretch of beaches and golf courses.
Nowadays, i think Singaporean know Desaru Fruits Farm more than Desaru Beach.
In the non-rainy months, the water is very blue and relatively calmer.

Over the years, i think the public beach areas looked run down. However, it is still a popular place for the local to enjoy picnic, flying kites with the children and enjoy the strong wave of South China Sea.
The beach managed by the hotels are cleaner.
We used to come and stay in the apartment or hotel, just for a weekend break or Chinese New Year family activities.

One of the resort or apartment invested by Jacky Chan (he was here for the ceremony) had a grand opening years ago. But eventually, it closed down. It had reopen again when we came.
The government is making efforts to develop this ares more. When the Senai-Desaru Expressway complected, it will connect Desaru to Johor Bahru in 45 minutes, compared to the present 1.5-2 hours.

When the weather is good and in the season -- not raining season, between April to July, this is how the beach looked like.
This is how the beach appears as in my memory too. Blue sky and crystal blue water.
(Picture is courtesy from aunty Elena and friends.)

Besides from hotel, there are also apartment for rental. i remembered i came here with my family and we brought our own small stove and had potluck in the apartment.
(Picture is courtesy from aunty Elena and friends.)

Sebana Cove

During its grand opening, like many 'feverish' local who had a little bit of money, my uncle became the member of the resort. So we got the opportunities to come and enjoy the facilities, for us, the most interesting thing is obviously not the tennis courts, but the swimming pool.
The resort is quite well maintained. It looked the same as in my memories as far as 15 years ago when we first visited there.
Sebana is around 10km from Sungai Rengit.

Located at the tranquil Santi River, Sebana Cove is integrated with golf, marina, residential and holiday resort.
This is the most expensive and most comfortable rented accommodation you can get around Pengerang areas.

During weekends, the resort come alive and is crowded with either local who comes back to Pengerang, or visitors from Singapore.
If you truely want a very quiet place to enjoy your holiday, come during weekday.
You can enjoy the relaxed ambience of the marina, play golf, enjoy the mangroves or simply sunbath by the pool. The whole place is almost all yours!