Thursday, April 13, 2006

Special Feature: Pulau Hantu

Recently there are talks that, some organizations in Singapore wanted to turn Pulau Hantu (an island in Singapore) into to huge aquarium (as per my understanding).
If you are interested, you can read more here:

i would like to share some of the pictures i took during my visit to Hantu. It would be a lost to all if this place is destroyed.
(err... This pictures might make our local Pengerang shores look a bit bored though :)

Coral, coral, coral. The best thing about intertidal is, you can see a lot of marine creatures without getting wet. See, you don't need to be a diver in order to see the coral.

A nobel volute (snail) was laying eggs (the white slimmy things)!

Flat worm. The way it swims was just beautiful! The flat worm is so flat that oxigen can just diffuse its entire body .

This was a real huge sea cucumber (as i remember, around 30 cm long!) Sea cucumber will vomit their innards to repel their predator. The innards will be reproduced, but they would starve until then. (So, please don't make them do it!)

Fan worm is a segmented worm with feathery fan on its head. The fan is used to gather small food particle and send it to mouth.

It is a shy animal. If you wanted to see them, just stand still and wait for a while. Eventually it will come out from its tube.

Common sea star which is not longer common now. It can liquidize its tissue to right itself if it was overturned. Their body is supported by sea water, so it will be very stressful to them if they are out of water for too long.

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