Friday, April 14, 2006

Leisure Pengerang (2): Kampung Jawa (Tou2 Wan1)

Kampung Jawa is a very small fishing village. There is only one street in the village and the street itself is the main street then. The whole village is built along the coastal line. During high tide, when the villagers open the back door of their house, they see only the sea. Most of the catch from the villagers are sell to Singapore, especially the big tiger prawns and lobsters. The smaller catch like shrimp is sell to the local fish mongers.

The backyard of a villager's house. See, the house is right connected to the sea during high tide. The fisherman will examine their catch to determine which are to sell to local and which are to sell to Singapore.

The tiger prawns need to be kept in the tank before they are transported to Singapore. Of course, the fresh one will definitely give a better price.

Lobster and mantis shrimps. The local water is still rich with big catch. The mantis shrimps are as big as the lobster. However the fishermen said, it is getting harder for them to catch big fishes due to water pollution and over-catch.

To talk about the pollution. Well, this is a toilet. Due to lack of the proper sewage and sanitary system, every waste from the villagers, including organic waste, household rubbish, dead animal body... are all throw into the sea.

A goose is kept as a pet in a villager's house.

i know this is gross and cruel. But this is a fact and part of the life for some of the villagers. The sea condition is not always suitable for the villagers to go out. So some of the villagers either hunt wildboar in the secondary forest or slaughter widlboar for the hunter.

The teeth and the tusk of the wildboar. Obviously the wildboar was a huge one.

Dried fishes for their own consumption.


Pan said...

Interesting write-up. I happened to drop by the kampong and is fascinated by discovery. Due to time constraint I didn't get to explore the village - especially the backdoor facing the sea. But I did get a chance to visit the small temple facing the sea.

shenjiaqing said...

Based on the government plan, this whole village is supposed to be demolished next year, to make way to the petrochemical plan. What a shame! This village has a century old of history.