Sunday, April 17, 2011

Some Nice Random Shoots of Sungai Rengit

This is my Home, Sungai Rengit

The creator of this video is 林威正 ‎from Sungai Rengit also. i do not know him personally, but thanks for allowing me to put this video here. i watched it a few times, i think it is very well done, comparable to Singapore TCS production and the song bring out the slow pace of life in Sungai Rengit.

Some Good Shoots of Sungai Rengit

My friend, Khoon, was backed to hometown for 'recovering retreat' after removing his wisdom tooth. Some nice pictures of the town from him. Thanks!

The town is so just beside of the sea that if you are staying in a higher building, you can see the lights from the boats at night. There are a few food stalls in operation at night.

The same view as above, but bigger and during day time.
The things that i miss the most in Malaysia no matter where am i, are the delicious street food and the kind of relaxing feelings to have a bite while having a drink and see the world turns around me.
This is really different from sitting at the WIFI starbucks.

This should be the beach or coast line along the road between Tanjung Pengelih Jetty and Sungai Rengit. In my momory, the beach or seaside is never looking as good as this. This looked almost like a tourist beach!

This fruits stall at the site of the old cinema (the cinema was already long gone when i went to primary school) has been there since i can remember. During primary school, my friends and me used to come here in the evening right after the co-curriculum activities in the school, to get some fresh cut fruits.

We called this part of the sea as 'east side', chinese 'dong1 bian1'. East side is a fishermen areas with fishing boats and some small jetties around.

One of the jetties at 'east side'. The fishermen will unload their catches here. It could be a surprising encounter if you are lucky enough to be there when they return from the sea.

This must be the work of a fisherman who is staying here!