Sunday, April 17, 2011

Some Nice Random Shoots of Sungai Rengit

This is my Home, Sungai Rengit

The creator of this video is 林威正 ‎from Sungai Rengit also. i do not know him personally, but thanks for allowing me to put this video here. i watched it a few times, i think it is very well done, comparable to Singapore TCS production and the song bring out the slow pace of life in Sungai Rengit.

Some Good Shoots of Sungai Rengit

My friend, Khoon, was backed to hometown for 'recovering retreat' after removing his wisdom tooth. Some nice pictures of the town from him. Thanks!

The town is so just beside of the sea that if you are staying in a higher building, you can see the lights from the boats at night. There are a few food stalls in operation at night.

The same view as above, but bigger and during day time.
The things that i miss the most in Malaysia no matter where am i, are the delicious street food and the kind of relaxing feelings to have a bite while having a drink and see the world turns around me.
This is really different from sitting at the WIFI starbucks.

This should be the beach or coast line along the road between Tanjung Pengelih Jetty and Sungai Rengit. In my momory, the beach or seaside is never looking as good as this. This looked almost like a tourist beach!

This fruits stall at the site of the old cinema (the cinema was already long gone when i went to primary school) has been there since i can remember. During primary school, my friends and me used to come here in the evening right after the co-curriculum activities in the school, to get some fresh cut fruits.

We called this part of the sea as 'east side', chinese 'dong1 bian1'. East side is a fishermen areas with fishing boats and some small jetties around.

One of the jetties at 'east side'. The fishermen will unload their catches here. It could be a surprising encounter if you are lucky enough to be there when they return from the sea.

This must be the work of a fisherman who is staying here!


Glyph said...

nice docu vid

YSL said...

Thank you for the nice write up. I went over for a bike trip from Singapore, and agree with what you say. I am now checking on whether there could be a house which I can buy for my eventual retirement. I did see some advertisement, but I can't find them on the web. I wonder whether you know anyone who can assist me. Thank you. My email is cheers

shenjiaqing said...

My friend who is trying to buy a house in Sungai Rengit two years ago said, the land itself can cost RM 100K, which for a small place like this, it is a bit out of price.

As far as i know, near by the town Sungai Rengit, there is no house or land for sell at the moment.

Few years ago, there are cases of a local property agent ran away with the deposit or whatever people paid her to purchase the house or land.

i personally do not know anyone, but if you kind of manage to find someone, just be careful.

Good luck!

Bil Choy said...


Is there any ferry or boat that I can take from Johor Baru to Pengerang / Sg Rengit?


shenjiaqing said...

Hi Bil

No boat or ferry from JB.
If you drive, you can take the new Senai-Desaru highway.
You can also take a taxi from JB to Kota Tinggi and then take another taxi from Kota Tinggi to Sungai Rengit.
The least expensive and faster version is, check at Larkin bus station for express bus from MARA or PGBS to Sungai Rengit or Pengerang.
The longest and not really the cheapest version is, take public bus from JB to Kota Tinggi and then change to another public bus from Kota Tinggi to Sungai Rengit. The last public bus servic if i am not mistaken, finished at 5pm.

Bil Choy said...

Thanks for your kind information. It is a pity there is no ferry/boat from JB. Will explore the other public transport as suggested.

I am planning to do a multi-mode (folding bike/train/ferry/bus,etc.) short tour visit to such a lovely place during a possible trip to the southern part later in the year.

Once again thanks for all the kind reference and information.

Mr Lee said...

hi, saya hendak tahu di Sungei Rengit mana ada restoran makanan sayur-sayuran? Terima kasih

shenjiaqing said...

Hi Mr. Lee
Kalau saya faham kamu, restoran 'sayur-sayuran' itu, restoran 'vegetarian'?
Malangnya, masih tak ada restoran macam ini di Sungai Rengit.
Kamu boleh makan di restoran makanan laut tetapi minta mereka masak dengan sayur sahaja. Tapi, periuk dan yang lain-lain itu adalah yang sama yang mereka gunakan untuk masak daging/makanan laut.

Mr Lee said...

hey terima kasih menjawab. saya juga difahamkan bahawa terdapat sebuah kuil Zen berdekatan Sg Rengit. Adakah kuil berkenaan menghidangkan makanan sayur-sayuran? Seperti anda, saya pemakan sayur-sayuran dan serik langgani restoran makanan laut dan bilang mereka masak sayur-sayuran kerana kadang-kala mereka pakai sos tiram dalam sayur-sayuran...

shenjiaqing said...

Hi Mr Lee
Saya tak tahu samada kuil itu menghidang makanan atau tidak.
Namenya ialah: Kwan Yin Chan Lin (KYCL) International Zen Meditation Centre
Mungkin kamu boleh telefon and tanya.
Biasanya, kalau saya makan di tempat bukan vegetarian, saya memberitahu mereka, tolong pastikan sos juga vegetarian, tiada sos tiram.

Finding Mr Lazy said...

chance upon your blog coz i also planning for a trip to pengerang soon. love the kampong atmosphere & relaxing pace.

if we come from changi point via boat ~ do the boatman take reservation for return trip back? (just need to ensure we can go back on same day)

and how much thea taxi fares to town centre will cost? i suppose it's easy to catch transport back to jetty if required?

thanks much!

shenjiaqing said...

Hi, Mr Lazy, i ididnt see ur post until now... Yes, you can pre-book the WHOLE boat (to charter) for return trips. Chartered boat cost around SGD 100per trip. If you dont charter the whole boat, no reservation is accepted. To make sure that u can go back on the same day, just be there at the jetty before 3.30pm. I think the last boat leaves at 4pm. The taxi fare is RM 6 per person when i took it 3 years ago. Per taxi is RM 24 then. The taxi leaves only when there are 4 persons or you can charter the taxi. It is not a common practise to raise the price of taxi or boat because you are not local, so dont worry. If you want to play safe, just ask anyone who looked like a local. There are many local going back home from Singapore during weekend.

Teknika Res said...

Hi Shenjiaqing, i'd love to read ur post, yet i cannot find any date as such i am wondering is it still do with this current condition? I read from another site telling there are busses from Larkin to Kota Tinggi/Sungai Rengit (Maraliner and sns)

Teknika Res said...

I came to Johor last week (Feb 2016) and some taxi drivers i met offer high taxi fare at RM200 - RM 280 ... DONT KNOW were they try to eat me or that is the market taxi fare.. ?

Revaa said...

Hi Dear,

This place no more beach side ready?
I'm planning to take my furkid husky for seaside and im not sure where to go? Planning for desaru/pengerang. Any idea?

shenjiaqing said...

Hi Teknika Res
Just saw your post.
i do not go back enough to know the current price. But i kind of think it is the right price though.

shenjiaqing said...

Hi Revaa
Sungai Rengit and the whole Pengerang are undergoing big changes due to the development of a petrochemical plant. I do not go back to my hometown frequent enough to answer your question. But i think you should be able to google Desaru and find your destination around.