Monday, March 10, 2008

Others: Accommodation and Bicycle Rental

The New Immigration Building in Operation

General Election of Malaysia.
Different party flags by the bridge in Sungai Rengit town.

i feel like this blog is getting like a tourism site instead of about the seashore. :)
Hope the below information is helpful since some of you have been asking.
i have never ever use their service before, so i have no idea of the quality of the service and others.
If you intend to visit the town during weekend, it is better that you call them and make your reservation.
Try to speak in Mandarin or other Chinese dialects when you call.
By the way, i do not gain any benefits from putting up their name cards here. :)


Chop Let Seng is almost the first hotel (more to a motel) in the town.
The owner said, every room is with attached bathroom and TV.
Room for 2, RM 40
Room for 3, RM 50
Room for 4, RM 65

i have no idea on Seng Huat Hotel. But it has been there for a while too.

Hotel Hiap Hwa is kind of brand new. Started last year and managed by the family of the ex-village head. Simple room range from RM 68 - RM 108.
My sister's friends and family had stayed there last time and they said it was clean.

P/s: The town is so small that the location of these hotels is basically not an issue. These three can be reached in 3 or 3 minutes walk from each other.

Bicycle Rental

i asked some Singaporean cyclist who i saw in the bumb boat.
They said, they rented the bicycle at Changi for SGD 18, 2 days.
Just ask at the bicycle shops near to the hawker centre.

If you prefer to rent the bicycle in the town, call and make reservation.
Kwong Hwa Heng is near to the bridge and the rate is RM 14 for one whole day and RM 2 for an hour.
i have no idea on the condition of the bike.

Other alternative, call 07-8265888
This is another bike rental shop in the town.

Sea Almond tree. This one is near to the jetty. The branches look like a pagoda.
The fruits look like almond and the nuts are edible.
The leaves change color during dry season: Red, copper, gold.
Currently, this one looks red.
The tree Sheds all its leaves twice a year in January-February and July-August.

The new jetty. Going to complete soon.
There is a marina for the yachts, like the one in Tioman.

The new immigration and passenger waiting building.
It has not yet been completed completely, but already in operation.


Taikor said...

Thanks for the info.

I'm joining the efforts to save the seahorses. So I'll start a campaign soon and your website, along with the others, will become the main source of materials for people who need them to know about the places, pictures, stories and the activities involved.

Keep it up! SOS!

shenjiaqing said...

Hi Taikor

i think many of the nature lovers would appreciate your efforts.
The seahorses will be happy to have one more person to speak for them.

Anonymous said...

Hiap Hwa Hotel caters to an upmarket crowd. Best value are the triple sharing sea front rooms.

Seng Huat above their coffee shop has been charging just RM 30 a room for years. It's arecord low for Malaysia. Larger newer rooms in next building still just $40. My favourite.

Up the road at Sedeli Kechil, it's abt RM 100 - 140 for a run down chalet.

We cyclists know value for $$$

shenjiaqing said...

Good info, thanks! :)

Anonymous said...

wish to check with you, is the new immigration new to the jetty? can you kindly tell me the location?

shenjiaqing said...


Don't really understand your question. The 'new' immigration has been there and has started its operation for almost 2 years by now. It is just right beside or attached to the jetty. You have to pass through the immigration to go to the jetty.

Anonymous said...

oh.. sorry, i am new to the area.
another question is, if i enter malaysia my my own boat, can i go through the immigation or custom

shenjiaqing said...


There is a marina at the jetty.
My skipper friends from France did manage to make an immigration clearance for them and their yatch, but that was at the marina at Tioman.
I am not sure how is the system works, but you probably can check it out at the immigration and custom Malaysia website.
Sorry, can't help much.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Jiaqing for this blog. Many must have benefitted from this blog. You must have done alot for Pengerang promoting the village and its marine life. Good work, Jiaqing!

shenjiaqing said...

Thanks for saying that.
i am glad if i can share any helpful information.
But the only thing i do to "promoting the village and its marine life" is, created this blog. :)
Nothing more than that.

nicegal said...

Hi there Shenji,

Nice to meet you and i am glad i found your blog. I just got a job in pnegerang and i am suppose to join my new work in Mid february. Currently i am looking for a house to rent and i have no idea how. I know noone there and totally annonymous to that place. I hope if u have any info please do kindly share with me. Thank you

nicegal said...

Hi there Shenji,

Nice to meet you. I have recently got a job in pengerang and currently looking for a house to rent.i hope if u do have any contacts or info please do kindly share with me. At this moment i have no idea how to find one as i know noone in Pengerang. Thank you

nicegal said...

sorry i posted twice... i am not familiar wth blogging. Sorry

shenjiaqing said...

Hi Nicegal

I am sorry that i have no idea to the rental market in Pengerang. What i suggest you to do is, rent a hotel room in Sungai Rengit when you get there, then you just ask around at different grocery shops, the hotel owner and coffee shops for information about where you can rent a place to stay for long term. The town is small and most people know each other. So if they know, they would have tell you where to look for. Good luck! Sorry that cant help more.