Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Where it used to be the shore, behind of Yok Poon Primary School

Moaning for the Lost

It was really heart broken to me to see my favorite shore in Pengerang get into this kind of state. If you browse through my very early posts about Shore behind of Yok Poon Primary School, then you will see what kind of beautiful creatures used to live there and the beautiful shore line. All these are gone now, i dont know what to say except for it is really really sad. 
(Pictures of nowadays taken by Yan Ah Kow, retrieved from facebook. Year 2012
Pictures before taken by me in Year 2008.)

1.) Where it used to be the habitat of thousands sand bubble crabs and fiddle crabs.

A reclaimed trail covered the original beautiful sand bar. How ugly, how sad.

2.) The rocky shore where i used to find anemone, shrimps and where we used to harvest clams.

Partially destroyed by the land reclamation. Are they going to turn the rocky shore into a piece of flat land?

3.) The beautiful small island which is accesible during low tide was a lively habitat full with black sea cucumbers, mudskippers and not to mentioned all kind of sea snails.

Are those cute little animals still around? i wonder what was in the mind of those workers who carried out the task of destroying such beauty.

4.) When you look from the small island towards the inner land, you used to see the coast side by side with the school.

Try to do the same thing now, you will see machines and man made land. What had we lost forever?

A video i took in year 2008, which you can see the beautiful untouched coastal line.