Saturday, May 08, 2010

My Home Sweet Home

No place is warmer than home

Having a baby and exclusively breastfeeding have taken a lot of my time. The tiny little thing can scream so loud that sometimes it amazed you. The shore has became less accessible to me, as my coming back home time didn't fit to the tide and most importantly, i was just simply too busy taking care of the baby. The first time when i returned to the hometown with the one month old baby, i didn't even get to leave the house compound for more than 20 minutes. The tiny princess just wanted to feed all the times! i looked at the shore from far and thinking, the next time when we come back, may be the princess can already explore the shore together with me.

The behind of my house.
Grandma and mom used to grow vegetable on the land and sale them.
That is their favorite activity and we think that is a form of exercise to them too.
Since grandma got heart attached, the land is now in charged by the maid.
If you go to Pengerang and would like to purchase the fruits or vegetable that you saw at people's house, don't be shy, just ask.
If people don't give it to you, they would still be happy to sell it to you.

The banana trees which my mom grown outside of the house.
The bundle got stolen just right before she wanted to harvest it. She was rather upset with the incident.

I remember a friend cooked aloe vera dessert before. It was some kind of sticky thing.
When we were kids, we cut and apply aloe vera juice directly on the legs as a super moisturizer.
I am not sure how effective it is and as far as i know, some aloe vera is poisonous.

Sweet potato leaves were the best selling vegetable for mom and grandmom.
They sold it to the local restaurant by a serving portion at RM 2 and in turn, this dish is charged RM 8 in the restaurant.
If the restaurant place the order, grandma used to wake up at 5.30am to pluck the leaves from the soil, remove the hard skin of the stem and cut/break the leaves and stem into the cooking size.
Towards the end, the soil would get into the nails and this is a tedious job to be done.

i couldn't believe that grandma managed to grow white carrot!
I thought carrot only grows in mild or cold temperature.

The fireworks during Chinese New Year are always what we all looking forward to.
Many wealthy villagers will light their private big fireworks, comparable to the kind they had for national event.
This one was lighted by the neighbour right beside of my house. The noise was loud at its maximum and the effects are massive.