Saturday, March 27, 2010

Special Feature (3): Don't Let This Be the Last Year of the Tiger

The tiger is our national animal. Our heritage. But today only less than 500 of them remain in the wild. As Malaysians, we need to stand up and protect our heritage.
Speak to your children. Speak to your leaders. Everyone of us can make a difference.

For further information, please visit MYCAT (, WWF Malaysia ( and Department of Wildlife & National Parks (


When i was in Secondary school, i joined the school trip and visited the Istana in Johor. I always remember the tiger sample that i saw. It was the belonging of one of the Sultans and it signified the courage and wisdom of the Sultan. The Sultan had passed away for years, giving His share to fertilise the earth, however, his works of bravery remains there. At those ages, it was not an easy tasks to hunt and kill a beast like this. Nobody would sympathised the loser tiger, that struggle in the pool of blood. The big cat, might even had it skins peel off before it breathed its last air. Its death was just to prove the capability of somebody. Since when, the tigers which are associated to the kings, have been drove into the dead angle by us human beings. There are not many of the tiger left now.
In the TV drama, sometimes we would see the leader of the bandits was sitting on the chair with tiger skins on top. People believed that, one will be the leader like the king of the jungle by seated on its skin. In the end, the poor King of the Jungle lost to the bullets, lost even its pennis to people who believed that, eating the tiger pennis will enhance the sexual ability of man.
Nowadays, most of the countries wanted to have hight GDP. Gradually, we all become selfish and care only about ourselves and look only at money. We clear the forest and made the land into agriculture used, animals farming or just to build house. Where can those animals, including tigers, that used to stay in the forest go?
I myself do not have special feelings to the tiger. I believed the old saying: Every lives have the rights to stay alive. Killing is not the way to move forward or to solve a problem. The teeth of the tiger will not make somebody's life to be better. Only the quality within ones could enhance someone's live.
Please let the tigers live.