Thursday, January 05, 2006

Leisure Pengerang (1): Teluk Ramunia Beach

I thank Alyce (a Check Jawa volunteer guide) for her kind words and feedback to this blog. She visited Pengerang with her friends and they stayed in the chalet at Teluk Ramunia for their last day of Year 2005.
Robin (a Check Jawa volunteer guide also) and Grace (Alyce's friend who i have never met before) are also kind enough to allow me to upload the photos they took.
They rented bicycles in Pengerang and cycled all the way from Tanjung Pengelih to Teluk Ramunia. i believe that, it took around them around 2 to 3 hours.This is something not very common to do for a local people like me. :)

The chalet beside of the beach. The beach at this area is rather flat and shallow. You enjoy quite a peace ambient too, as it is not very near to the main town.

Horseshoe Crab

Scientists believed that, they exist since dinosaur time. Their tail is often mistaken as weapon but in fact it is used to right themselves if they were overturned.

The sunset for the last day of Year 2005.

The very fresh and relatively cheaper seafood is the greatest attraction in Pengerang.

In fact, due to its location which is so near to Singapore, the cost of living in Pengerang is high for a small town like this. The price of seafood is also not any cheap to the local people.

Local fruits. Probably freshly picked from tree!

A honey dew farm near to the chalet.

If you cycle or drive along the road beside of this honey dew farm, you will pass by a boring resettlement. After that, you reach another beach called Batu Layar, which i prefer more than the Teluk Ramunia beach. Batu Layar is more secluded and the beach has many big and small rocks in different shape. However i heard rumour that, there are crocodiles there. After Batu Layar, you will reach the famous Desaru Beach.